Friday, October 24, 2008

The Quiet Little Englishman

This show by Paula Simms's company Zho is blinding. Last night tomorrow, at the Park Palace on Mill St, a derelict music hall. Worth it for the building alone but the show is great. Production shots here and here.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Jazzy Pants

There are fewer and fewer places left in the world where the wearer of the jazzy pant can be observed in their natural habitat, but one of those places is the amazing Christian arts festival Greenbelt. The very essence of uncool, favoured only by Christians and jugglers, the traditional jazzy look (epitomised by a quilt of wildly clashing fierce non-primary coloured fabrics, each square of which is also a ghastly pattern of some kind, loosely formed into a vague baggy pant shape with an elasticated waist) has given birth to many variations, pushing ever further into the wilderness, beyond the reach of fashion as we know it. Here are some examples from Greenbelt 08.

The original jazzy pants.

Another good example.

Good bagginess here.

A good example of the relatively rare ‘made out of curtains’ sub-genre.
Note the jazzy bag.

Duotone variation. Good work with the length here.

A modern variation, these jazzy shorts with a violent fabric print
are not for the faint-hearted.

More jazzy shorts, quieter this time, and retaining the traditional quilted idea.


The ‘Been at your Ma’s sewing basket’ look.

A restrained classic pant.

The full contemporary package, jazzy tights with jazzy wellies.

Fantastic work with stripes going everywhere. Top to toe jazzy!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Liverpool all dressed up.

Maybe it was because the QE2 was in town, a mere few hundred yards away. Maybe it was because the newest bit of the newest bit of town was opened only the day before, and the sun shone, and we felt like we were in the sky, but Liverpool looked at her best today. Don't get me wrong, as a development L1 is repugnant in many ways, and contains almost nowhere you would want to shop and nothing you would like to eat. It is a temple to money grubbing bastardism and there is nowhere to put your bike, but it still looks pretty flash. It also has some of the best doors I have seen. Check out the rest of these pictures here.

Automatic Door to God

As you probably know automatic doors symbolise various things, among them birth and death of course. But this door isn't symbolic, this is the actual door to heaven. Hear the angels sing!