Thursday, September 06, 2007


This is a very interesting group of people based in Belfast, who did some stuff at Greenbelt this year that was full of ideas but ultimately a bit of a frustrating experience. They said a lot of things but the best thing any of them said was this.
And this is a crap photo of them doing their thing, which was called 'The God Delusion'.


gus said...

hey mark,

what a really small world, i know kellie really well, she used to do some community work in belfast, didn't know she had such pearls of wisdom knocking around inside her head. hope all is well....the loudon-moores

meretrician said...

It was amazing actually because we had listened to a lot of boys speak at length and agonizingly about god and doubt and she said more in those few words than any one else did in the whole piece.